Margin Financing

UOB Kay Hian provides you with comprehensive margin financing services, enabling you to increase your purchasing power for a more flexible investment plan to grasp every investment opportunity and generate higher potential returns with less capital.

Special Features:
  • Provide online margin financing services of nearly 800 Hong Kong stocks, 2,000 U.S. stocks and more than 400 A Shares
  • Offer extra capital up to 80% of the prevailing marketing value of the stocks holding. Clients may enquire the margin ratio of each stock by inputting stock code or stock name at below search engine.
  • The online subscription process is quick and easy. Clients may simply open a H.K or U.S. stock margin account so to enjoy the margin services:

New clients/ existing clients without a margin account: Please click to open a “Margin Securities Account” online. Filling in the form just takes 3 steps in 6 minutes. You may also choose to fill in and submit the physical Cash/Margin Account application form. Click here to download the form and learn more.

Existing H.K. stock margin clients who have not applied for U.S. stock margin financing services: Please click here to download the “W-8Ben Form”,Submit the original copy of the completed application form to our Client Service Department by mail. The applications will take 1-2 workings days to process. After the successful applications, clients will be able to enjoy the U.S. margin financing services.

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