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Retail Market Monitor Regional Research Education


Market Commentary

  Currency market barely reacted to Trump’s criticism of rate hikes; whether HSI can continue to hold above 28,000 points depending on to yuan movement    

What's in the Pack:
Automobile – Hong Kong Lower Target Prices On Slower Industry Growth
Traders’ Corner:
Want Want China (151 HK), Shangri-La Asia (69 HK)


Technical/Quantitative Analysis & Special Focus

  Want Want China (151 HK) - Trading Buy /Shangri-La Asia (69 HK) - Trading Buy  
  Want Want China (151 HK): The stock is consolidating after breaking below the neckline...
Shangri-La Asia (69 HK): The stock broke below the lower boundary of a bearish channel...


  Ascletis Pharma lnc. (1672 HK) - Offering
  The Group's mission is to become a world-class biotechnology company addressing unmet medical needs in three therapeutic areas: anti-viral, cancer and fatty liver disease...  
  Bojun Education Company (1758 HK) - Offering
  The Group is a private education service group with over 16-year track record in providing private education services in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China.  
  E-House (China) Enterprise Holdings (2048 HK)
  The Group is the leading real estate transaction service provider in China as they have the largest revenue from real estate agency services in the primary market in 2017, the most cities with both real estate transaction data and land data covered, and the second largest real estate brokerage network by the number of stores as of 31 December 2017, according to the Cushman & Wakefield Report...  
  BExcellent Group Holdings Limited (1775)
  Their Group is a leading provider of private supplementary secondary school education services in Hong Kong. They principally engage in the provision of private supplementary secondary school education services and the operation of private secondary day schools in Hong Kong...  
  Kinergy Corporation Ltd (3302)
  Established in Singapore in 1988, they are a contract manufacturer specialised in manufacturing equipment, machines, sub-systems, precision tools, spare parts and components in the semiconductor industry...  

Global Futures

  Global Futures Technical Analysis July 2018    




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