Choose from a wide range of investment products to help you reach your goals, even as your strategies change.
Stocks, also known as shares or equity, signify ownership in a corporation and represent claims on part of the corporation''s assets and earnings. They are easily the most traded investments, and have historically outperformed most other investments over the long run. HKEx, SGX, and US shares can be traded over UTRADE Web.
Bonds are securities issued by governments or companies that pay a specific interest rate.
We offer upgraded bond investment services:
- A wide selection of over 300 bond products for your subscription
- Margin financing services with extra capital of up to 85%
- Competitive bond pricing
- A team of specialists to provide one to one trading support
- Bond selector provides an at-a-glance view of different bond information

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Exchange Traded Funds(ETFs)
Exchange Traded Funds ("ETFs") are open-ended investment funds listed and traded intraday on a stock exchange. They aim to track the performance of an index and provide access to a wide variety of markets and asset classes.
By trading in ETFs tracking various markets and asset classes, an investor is able to build a more diversified investment portfolio, as opposed to trading in local market equities. Given that ETFs are listed and traded on stock exchanges, an investor is afforded transparent and accessible intraday trading, compared to trading unit trusts/mutual funds on end-of-day basis. Furthermore, brokerage fees are often more competitive than unit trust sales charges.
Learn more about HKEx-listed ETFs
Unit Trusts
When you invest in a unit trust, you are putting your investment into a pool of money that is managed by a team of professional fund managers to invest in a wide range of bond, equities and/or other money market instruments according to a set of objectives.
List of Fund Houses available
Futures contracts are derivative instruments. A stock futures contract represents a commitment to buy or sell a predefined amount of the underlying stock at a predetermined price on a specified future date.
When you buy a stock futures contract, you are holding a long position and have to buy the underlying stock on the final settlement date. However, you can choose to hold a short position by selling a stock futures contract - this means that you have to sell the underlying stock according to the contract terms.
- UTRADE Futures Details
- Download UTRADE Futures (SP Trader) and User Guide
- Table of Global Futures Contract Specification
- Futures Tutorial
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Derivatives Trading in HKFE (Equity Index Futures and Options, Stock Futures, Currency Futures and Options, Interest Rate Futures, Metal and other Commodities Futures)

Stock Options
An option is a contract for the right to determine whether to enforce a purchase / sales agreement for an underlying asset (stock / index). Investors can use options to profit from a market view or to hedge underlying stocks against downside.
We have launched UTRADE Stock Options, enabling clients to trade HK stock options online at ease. With greater convenience and efficiency, clients can swiftly react to the dynamic market and seize different investment opportunities!
- UTRADE Stock Options Installation Program
- UTRADE Stock Options Details
- UTRADE Stock Options User Guide
- Stock Options Trading Tutorial
- Client Margin Estimate Reference Table
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Derivatives Trading in HKFE (Equity Index Futures and Options, Stock Futures, Currency Futures and Options, Interest Rate Futures, Metal and other Commodities Futures) & Derivatives Trading in SEHK (Stock Options)

Broker-Assisted Trading
As the leading stockbroker in Hong Kong, we have a team of over 150 highly trained and specialized Trading Representatives to serve your trading needs in 29 regional as well as international markets.
Our branches are located in Tai Po, Yau Ma Tei, and Yuen Long providing the convenience of being closer to us.
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Margin Financing
With our margin financing services, you can now boost your investment power using cash and/or securities as collateral.
Margin trading allows you to extend your credit limit to invest. We provide attractive interest rates and margin facilities for numerous stocks in Hong Kong.
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